We help our partners to engage their clients through powerful visual storytelling

We create the message you want to deliver to your audience,


Our mission is to build and distribute powerful visual content that educates and inspires,

Mophica is a visual communication studio, youngest of two brands in our larger ecosystem, which includes also Darkan Display an advertisement company which has been operating on advertisement market since 2009,

We make video for business that are carefully crafted. Our videos tell stories, educate customers. We’ve produced content for companies small and large. Each and every video we create is 100% unique, and we work with some of the most talented designers, animators, and voices in the industry. And we don’t just make cute cartoons. We produce videos that deliver results,




We learn about you, your project & company. We analyze and write conclusions. Finally, we get to the core of your business,


Writing a marketing video script is literally creating the message you want to deliver to your audience. It needs to be a simple, short and clear story so that it keeps the audience’s full attention,


If the script tells the message then the storyboard describes the actions (what literally happens in the video) and the entire visual aspects of the video, We sketch the scenes as well as the characters. We show the movement and transitions,


We create illustrations based on the storyboard. These graphics will be used in the animation,


Using all the graphic elements, storyboard frames and voice-over recordings, professional animators manage to set the entire video in motion: now each character and graphic element comes in motion. Everything comes to life through animation,


We like to make sure the final production is exactly what client requested. Once all parties are thrilled and energized with the explainer video, a final render is made and sent to the client for them to begin incorporating the animated explainer video into their marketing mix,

After a month or two of the explainer video being live, we touch base with the client to see how it’s working. Following up is important to us, because we ensure the client’s business is becoming even more successful,


MOTION GRAPHICS (Explainer Videos):

The great thing about animated video, as a format, is that it combines both visual and audio content which creates a solid connection between a brand and a client,


Interactive infographics are ideal for presenting data with multiple layers, as well as presenting vast amounts of data or information in a clean, organized, and logical manner,


With the rapid growth of information we produce and consume, conveying the most relevant ideas in a concise format is imperative to effectively engage your audience. We apply our expertise to create data visualizations that increases the appeal, comprehension, and retention of your data, increasing the impact on your audience,


Good design can help to communicate key information in a powerful way that is appealing, and aides the comprehension and retention of the information being presented,


Creating compelling live-action video content is one of the most effective ways to reach viewers and increase your brand awareness. Using the right mix of visuals and audio, we can tell your brand’s story in an engaging, entertaining, and impactful way, helping to strengthen the relationship between your audience and brand,


An effective website will successfully showcase your brand identity, communicating both what you do and who you are. We design and develop beautiful and functional websites that serve your brand and your customers, providing the ideal visitor experience across multiple devices and browsers,


Why Animated Video?:

In many cases, success has nothing to do with your product being good or not. It has to do with if people know about it and understand it.Good companies with great products go under every day. The difference is made when a business can quickly translate what they do and how they do it better than others. There is not a more powerful marketing tool than the explainer video,

Animated videos explain your product or service in seconds!

We all know how important it is to explain your business idea perfectly and as quickly as possible. These marketing videos deliver the perfect pitch every time, explaining your product or service in just seconds and doing it in a fun and entertaining way,

They boost all of your marketing campaigns,

When people watch your video, they stay for longer on your site. This helps your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy because search engines like Google or Bing consider your website of interest and rank it higher on their users’ searches, making more people find your website and your video easily.
Besides, animated marketing videos are great content to share on social media, actually the best ones on Facebook and they’re also getting stronger on Twitter. They’re great for email marketing campaigns too as they widely increase open rates and click-through-rates. You can use them in guest blog posts too. In short: the more your share your explainer video, more benefits it’ll bring to your startup,

They help to build a personal brand,

The use of characters, backgrounds and colors of a custom animated marketing video gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience on a personal level and allows you to show that you truly understand them and that your product has been specially made to solve their problems,

They increase sales,

All the above can be summed up to one important factor: more sales! It’s proven that explainer videos boost conversions by 20% on average. They don’t just explain your product, improve your relationship with your potential customers and help to bring more visitors to your website, they’re also incredibly compelling, which makes your sales and conversions grow higher!,

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PL +48 71 368 45 73  
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